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About Us

We are a motivated and ambitious team committed to getting property conversions going.


It all began in 2019, when Israel and Jonathan banded together to form
Carlton Park Construction
Israel, with his extensive commercial management background and Jonathan, with his skilled construction expertise created a company that breaks all building contractor stereotypes.
Their focus is on:

Bringing projects from concept to completion, with zero hassle for their clients.

Breaking through building barriers, particularly planning legislation.

Delivering full
project management as part of every project.

The team that doesn't stop.


Israel Welscher

Jonathon Joseph

Our team has a proven
track record for success.

We travel across the UK to convert and refurbish commercial properties.

From Land’s End to John O’Groats we break construction boundaries, bringing your rental income even closer.

Israel Weltscher

When Israel founded Carlton Park Construction in 2019, it was to fill a gap in the market.

He has extensive background in both asset and property management, since 1999. He’s seen many property investments fail because of a lack of skill in getting them off the ground.

Israel watched investors struggle with finding someone they could trust to construct and manage their property developments.

Especially skilled at figuring out the most profitable way to convert a building, he ensures that his clients continuously reap a significant return.

As busy as he is, Israel is always available to talk things through with his clients. It’s no wonder they’re so delighted to have him working on their property.

Jonathan Joseph

As an independent building contractor for close to 20 years, Jonathan teamed up with Israel in 2019 to form Carlton Park Construction.

With his hilarious sense of humour and notable loud voice, if Jonathan is on your project, you know it’ll be a solid build.

He manages the tradesmen and office staff and undertakes quality assurance. Jonathan does it all with with his motivating and empowering personality.

His intimate understanding of the building trade, along with his extensive experience working with hundreds of tradesmen gives him the guts and gumption to take on large commercial property conversions.

His clients think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. We know he is.

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